Connecting Communities Since 1965
Local media has a closer relationship with its audience and people tend to trust it. If you can be a part of that community and talk to your audience in their own environments then people are more likely to listen to what you say. So join the conversation and talk to our sales team today. Our sales team are real people who visit the local area and spend time within the communities.

  • An effective way to target residents & visitors to local communities
    In a world of multiple media choices it is increasingly becoming difficult for businesses to be heard and to talk to the audiences they want to target.
    Civic Guides provides local business a channel to communicate with their audience where they are and when they want it.
  • Supports Local Communities
    At Civic Guides we don’t just talk the talk but encourage our team and our partners to walk the walk. We truly believe in supporting our local communities and providing viable and useful solutions that add value to communities. We are a family business with proud roots in regional Victoria and in our great nation as a whole. In our 50th year (2015) we intend to introduce some exciting community initiatives that further demonstrate this commitment – stay tuned!
  • Minimal media wastage
    Civic Guides is a passive advertising form in the sense that our audiences come to us. This means that they are already in a more open state of mind and receptive to messages as they are physically choosing to engage rather than having a message thrust at them.
  • Cost effective Investment
    We know small business because we are a small business therefore we also know that every dollar you invest is to support and grow your brand. Our solutions are incredibly cost effective to ensure they are accessible and available to a wide range of businesses.
  • Connecting your online with your offline
    When it comes to connecting your online and offline programs, one element is the most valuable of all: relevance. Civic Guides provides you the relevance by being where your audience is – in your local area.

Ad Sizes & Dimensions

Civic guides ads come in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets. Contact us to work out the best option for your business.

Single - 95mm x 95mm
Double - 195mm x 95mm
Triple - 295mm x 95mm
4 Spot - 195mm x 195mm
6 Spot - 195mm x 295mm