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Passionate, dedicated and engaged are the key attributes of the Civic Guides team. Our office staff and the numerous sales agents that work with Civic Guides throughout Australia believe in the product and believe in the communities and small businesses that we support and partner with. Living local is not just a marketing line we throw around but a true mantra that guides us.

The Whitford family, who acquired Civic Guides in 2014, have a rich history in the outdoor advertising industry and believe that a space for communities to connect and local business to have a voice is something that will never go out of style.


Ross Loney

Operations Manager

Quick Fact: A mad Essendon supporter and lover of fishing, Ross has been with Civic Guides for 7+ years. After many years on the road as CG Maintenance Manager Ross now heading our operations team. With a 360-degree knowledge of Civic Guides, Ross is our in-house ‘go to guy’.

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Tony Tang

Graphic Artist

Quick Fact: Admired for his prowess on the office Ping Pong table and sense of humour, Tony has been an invaluable member of the Civic Guides team since 2006. With a passion for design and working with local businesses, he enjoys collaborating with clients to create the perfect ad.

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Leanne Quinn

National Co-ordinator

Quick Fact: Leanne is our resident chef and often delights the Civic Guides team with cakes, biscuits and if very lucky, chicken sandwiches.

With a can-do attitude Leanne has proven a hit with her teammates and our clients.

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Tony Ford

Maintenance Manager

Quick Fact: A Carlton supporter, a skier and a passionate family man, Tony loves the balance between work and home. Best of all, Tony loves driving, which is lucky as he is on the road five days a week (sometimes seven) ensuring the Civic Guides boards are always in tip top condition.

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